Customer Support

If you need help with registration, payments, financial assistance, and more, contact us at the appropriate number/email. We'll make every effort to get back to you as promptly as possible within 48 hours.

Middle School Programs

1-800-468-5899 or 1-434-326-9992 PO Box 9033 Charlottesville, VA 22906-9033

Sports Programs

International – Excel Sports 1-410-489-2287 Domestic – GET Sports 1-888-877-4445

Other Programs

School Graduation & Promotion Celebrations 1-800-234-GRAD  Opt 4 School Leadership & Enrichment Programs 1-800-234-4723  Opt 4

Individual Travelers Programs

Oxbridge Academics (Campus-based High School Travel) 1-800-828-8349 CBL International (Campus-based University and Graduate Travel) 1-855-619-5294 Foreign Exchange Youth Travel Programs 1-916-939-6805  Opt 5

Emergency Support

Our Tour Central offices can be reached 24 hours a day. Please call these numbers only in regard to an emergency on a program currently traveling.

D.C. Tour Central headquarters


D.C. (if calling internationally)


New York City Tour Central office


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Middle School Programs


High School Programs


University Programs


Performing Programs

Music Festivals 1-800-223-4367 Bowl Games and Parades 1-888-242-7597 Custom Programs Internationally and Domestically 1-800-522-2398

Sports Programs


Individual Traveler Programs

Oxbridge Academics (Campus-based High School Travel) 1-800-828-8349 CBL International (Campus-based University and Graduate Travel) 1-855-619-5294

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